Fabian meets local 38 Degrees Campaigners

The 38 Degrees campaign to protect the NHS from damaging Tory and Liberal Democrat imposed changes has attracted millions of signatures nationally. An active campaign is also being organised to lobby Members of Parliament in their constituencies and informing them of just how strong feeling is in voters' minds. Fabian met local campaigners recently at his constituency office in Roundhay Road.

Fabian meets campaigners Eleanor Warren, Moira Emmett, Dave Emmet, Lynette Willoughby, John Kaye, Linzi Marks and Renee Peters.

Fabian was pleased to pledge his support to the attack on the basic fabric of the National Health Service. He believes that if private enterprise is made responsible for service delivery on the scale proposed then the very security of the NHS will be jeapardised. Running organisations that must make profits will inevitably mean that management endeavour is not solely focussed on providing quality service to patients. Moreover if the organisations fail, the state will have no means to restore provision. The looming crisis in the system of looking after the elderly in private care homes is a foretaste of what will happen for millions of patients if the state is no longer responsible for running hospitals.

Fabian urges voters of all political persuasions to look carefully at the deeper implications of handing over control of health care to the private sector and sign the 38 Degrees petition against the measures.

Fabian says, "This is not simply about paying if you are ill. The NHS is much more than just something that ensures that the service is free when you need it. It is about who we trust to run it. Do we pin our hopes on transient multinational companies or do we, ourselves, through our government employees and managers, take responsibility for the health service being what we want? When I have been in hospital, I have not wanted my doctors and nursing staff to be fretting about whether or not the cost of my treatment is going to threaten some profitability target or the shareholders' dividends."

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