CWU Agency Workers Campaign

Fabian endorses the campaign for justice for agency workers being led by the Communications Workers Union.

This union has members who are currently employed in workplaces that also employ agency workers on less favourable pay and conditions compared to those directly employed by their respective companies. They perform exactly the same jobs.

The union understands that the UK Agency Regulations based on the Temporary Agency Workers Directive (TAWD) have been in force since 1st of October 2011 in England, Scotland and Wales and from 5 December 2011 in Northern lreland whereby alter 12 weeks in the same role an employee is entitled to the same basic terms and conditions of employment including the same pay as a permanent worker.

However there is a major 'loophole' in the manner in which the UK Agency Regulations have interpreted the European Directive by providing for what is termed a 'Swedish Derogation'. This allows agency workers directly employed by an agency on a 'Pay Between Assignment' contract to be exempt from equal treatment on pay and have poorer terms and conditions of employment. They will only be assured minimum wage between assignments.

The Communications Workers Union asserts that this is not right and is against the very core principles of the TAWD which is to provide for equal treatment and to prevent discrimination in the workplace.

Fabian agrees saying, "ln any just society there should be laws that prevent exploitation of this kind and it is therefore essential that political pressure is brought to bear on the Government to amend the existing Regulations to guarantee equal treatment for agency workers. I am pleased to add my name to the campaign to amend the regulations and bring employment practice into line with the Tempory Agency Workers Directive which is a very just EU ruling."