Alwoodley Primary School 15th June 2012

As part of his work in the constituency, Fabian regularly tries to visit local primary schools. Many head teachers are pleased that they have an opportunity to talk about the many educational issues of concern with their local MP and Fabian is very cognisant of their responsibilities and concerns. But seeing the childen is also very important. Fabian tries to make his full contribution by talking to children and telling him of the work that he is asked to do. In that way he gives children a glimpse about how the country is governed and how, in the future, they too can vote and be part of our democracy.

Following his visit to Alwoodley Primary School, Fabian was greatly moved when he received a personal letter from many of the children that he met.

Fabian said, "Letter writing is a something that many people do not do these days but they can make such a difference. I was delighted to receive these letters and so I asked if I could share them with other people through my web site and show how just how polite and thoughtful children can be. I am so pleased that staff at Alwoodley take the time and trouble to teach children how to write such beautiful individual letters."

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