Arrest of Tibet protesters - Urgent question to Minister for Policing, Crime and Criminal Justice

Fabian uses House of Commons procedures to ask an urgent question to the Home Office Minister concerning the arrest of Tibet protesters

Fabian speaking in the House of Commons on Monday 26th October 2015

Urgent Parliamentary Question – Monday 26th October 2015

Will the Minister make a statement on the arrests of three peaceful protesters during President Xi Jinping’s visit to London last week?

Supplementary Question:

Rt Hon and Hon Members from across the House will – I am sure – share my deep concern at the way in which Dr Shao Jiang, a former Chinese dissident – and veteran of the Tianaman Square protests in 1989 – was arrested on Wednesday of last week and a short time later two Tibetan students – one of whom was Sonam Choden (a British Citizen) – were also arrested for attempting to display a Tibetan flag whilst the Chinese President’s cavalcade was passing on The Mall.

Dr Shao, who is now a British Citizen, was trying to display two A4 sized placards when he was tackled to the ground by five Metropolitan Police Officers.

Whilst the three protestors were being held in the cells in Bishopsgate, their homes were searched and computers and iPads were seized.  Their mobile phones were also kept by the Police.

Does the Minister have any idea when their possessions will be returned to the three protestors?

Would he comment on why their homes were searched whilst they were in custody?

The three people arrested were told that any charges they may face will be decided upon in early December.  Does the Minister believe that this delay is justified?

Is it acceptable to detain lawful protestors overnight in the cells?

Could the Minister comment on whether these arrests are related to the last week’s visit of the Chinese President, Xi Jinping?


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