Bus services in Yorkshire and Humberside - Fabian leads a Westminster Hall Debate

On Wednseday 17th April 2013, Fabian introduced a Westminster Hall debate on bus services in Yorkshire and Humberside. Conscious of the great importance of bus services for many people in the region and the often expressed disatisfaction over services and fares, Fabian was keen to raise the profile of the need for excellent and affordable provision.

In his well received speech, Fabian made the case for investment in bus provision arguing that very cost effective lever for local economic regeneration. He also spoke of the crucial importance of affordable bus services for young people and others seeking work so that they had wide access to education and employment opportinities in the regions where they live. Fabian also drew attention to the annual increase in bus fares which at an average of 6.5% meant that the price needed for a journey was often very expensive in the context of the budget available to a student or a job seeker.

Strong support was given to Fabian by Sarah Champion, Labour MP for Rotherham, Angela Smith, Labour MP for Pensitone and Stocksbridge and Yvonne Fovargue, Labour MP for Makerfield.

Norman Baker, Parilamentary Under Secreatary for Transport and Liberal Democrat MP for Lewes responded for the government. He recognised the importance of low fares for students but said that there were no plans for legislation to ensure a national system of uniform low fares.

To read the full transcript of the debate in the Hansard record - Click here