Captain Oates memorial plaque

On Saturday 17th March 2012, Fabian was deighted to be invited to assist with the unveiling of a plaque in Meanwood Park commemorating the heroic sacrifice of Captain Laurence Oates, a member of the ill fated Scott's Antarctic Expedition Team. Captain Oates sacrificed his own life, leaving the tent and walking into the snow, in a belief that it would enable the rest of the party to survive.

For further background to the unveiling of the plaque, and very brief glimpse of Fabian helping to pull the cord, go to the BBC Leeds and West Yorkshire web site page by - clicking here.

Afterwards Fabian said, "I am so pleased that we have a memorial once more to Captain Oates' personal heroism and self sacrifice. We formerly used to have a reminder of him in the name of Laurence Oates Middle School which used to stand on the site now occupied by the new Carr Manor High School. Once more we have a reminder of this very brave man who I am so pleased has been honoured again in the district where his family once lived."

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