Dortmund - Fabian gets a cash boost for St George's Crypt

Tuesday 16th July 2013: The day arrives to begin! Fabian sets off from St George's Crypt in gloroius weather.

Friday 5th July 2013: Fabian's charity cycle ride to Dortmund kicked off to a flying start this morning in Dortmund Square. What more appropriate setting could there have been for Fabian and his chosen charity, St George's Crypt to receive a £500 cheque from a major Leeds sponsor - Sainsbury's. The company has one of its largest stores in Fabian's constituency on the North Leeds Ring Road in Moortown and it also has a store at the very venue of the presentation - Dortmund Square.

On his ride which commences on Tuesday 16th of January 2013, Fabin will proudly wear a crimson shirt which has been emblazoned with the logos both of of St George's Crypt and Sainsbury's.

There to receive the jumbo sized cheque from Sainsbury's was Cheryl Harrington St George's Crypt Lead Fund. In this photograph Cheryl is shown holding the photograph surrounded by staff from the Sainsbury's outlet in Dortmund Square.

A long distance cycle ride through three countries is not a venture that can be undertaken without considerable forethought and planning. Not only have the overnights stops and ferries to be arranged in advance, care must be given to the preparation of the bicycle to ensure its robustness and maintenance for the considerable journey. In this photograph, Fabian is explaining some of the technical details to Martin Patterson, Public Relations and Fund Raising Director of St George's Crypt and Graham Chawner, Store Manager for Sainsbury's on the Headrow.

At the presentation this morning Fabian said,

" I thank Sainsbury's most sincerely for their generosity to St George's Crypt and their support for my ride to Dortmund. It is most encourging for me to have gained their good wishes for my charity cycle ride and I know that when the hills seem steep and long or when the rain pours down I will be able to keep going inspired by the kindness and good will behind the gift that they have already made. If anyone is moved by this kindness and would like to make a donation to St George's Crypt, please use my Just Giving web site to do so. Thank you."

To make a donation - Click here

Thursday 18th July

Above and below: Fabian setting off from the hotel near Vught in the Netherlands on day 3 of his Charity Bike Ride from Leeds to Dortmund for St George's Crypt.

A photograph of Fabian en route to Dortmund. He is shown here at the sign denoting the border between Holland and Germany and obviously in good form.

Saturday 20th July

Above: Fabian is welcomed on his arrival in Dortmund at 12.45pm on Saturday 20th July on the steps of the Rathaus (Town Hall) by Deputy Mayor of the city, Birgitte Jöder, a Councillor from the German Social Democratic Party (SPD). Fabian and Rosy were shown around the modern Rathaus and saw the Special Committee Room devoted to Dortmund's Twin Cities, including Leeds where they are pictured under its crest.

At the Kana Suppen Küche in Dortmund with Organiser Bernd Buescher on Sunday, after the completion of the ride. Kana is a project jointly run by the churches in the city which feeds more than 300 people five days a week and is funded entirely from voluntary donations and volunteer workers. It is in the poorer Northern part of the city and was a brilliant project, similar but different to St George's Crypt.

"Martin Patterson, on behalf of St George's Crypt, said, "We wish to congratulate Fabian on a really tremendous effort on behalf of St George's Crypt. The money raised will meet the costs of food for the 100 or so people who access the Crypt every day for a whole month. It has been tremendous to be in touch with Fabian as he progressed from Leeds to Dortmund, and we certainly feel that the cordial relations he established with Kana Suppenkueche are so important".