Equitable Life Campaign

Fabian was delighted to meet his James Bond idol, Pussy Galore in the person of Honor Blackman, one of the stars of the film Goldfinger.

The photograph was taken on Wednesday 18th May 2011 just before the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Equitable Life of which Fabian is joint Chair (with Bob Blackman MP, Conservative MP for Harrow East). There was a most useful meeting during which around 20 MPs of all parties attended to hear Honor Blackman, an Equitable Pensioner who took out her Annuity after 1st September 1992 and will therefore be receiving 100% compensation from the Government for the maladministration of the Financial Services Authority regulation of Equitable Life, whereas Ian Cleveland and Helen Livney will receive nothing at all, because their Annuities started before 1st September 1992. Their personal testimonies to the APPG yesterday drew MPs' attention to the stark and unjust artificial contrast between the two categories of policyholder, an injustice which the Government refuses to acknowledge and on which Fabian tabled his amendment to the Government's Equitable Life (Compensation) Bill on 10th November last year.

That amendment was defeated by 76 votes to about 350, though many Coalition and Opposition MPs had no idea that it was trying to achieve justice for all Equitable Annuitants, not just the majority. As MPs discover more about this gross injustice, so they tell Fabian that they regret having voted against his amendment or having abstained on it (which was Labour's official line).