Parliamentary Expenses

A new regime for the payment of Parliamentary expenses was introduced immediately following the last General Election in May 2010.

MP's personal expenses claimed

Full details of Fabian's current expenses are available on line from the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) - Click here

Travel: Fabian normally travels to and from London once each week by train. All railway tickets are purchased via the East Coast Rail website by him in advance to take advantage of lower fares and no return journey exceeds the maximum allowance which is equivalent to the full second class return rail fare. Fabian routinely spends less than half the maximum allowance for his rail journeys.

Fabian tries to make many local journeys both in Leeds and London using his bicycle for convenience and as a personal contribution to sustainable travel. No allowance is received in respect of bicycle jouneys and the bike travels free of charge in the train to London.

Local car mileage is claimed in respect of some necessary journeys connected with constituency work in and around Leeds.

Second home: Fabian owns a small flat in west London which he uses as a home when working at Westminster. He is currently making no claims at all from public funds in respect of this accommodation. This is partly possible because of the current low mortgage interest rates. If these increase significantly in the future, Fabian may have to review his decision to make no claim on the available second home allowance.

Office provision: Fabian rents his office space from the Leeds NE Constituency Labour Party that holds the tenancy of the rooms at 335 Roundhay Road. The proportion of rent paid and of associated other costs is precisely calculated in direct proportion to the floor area of the space occupied and used by the constituency office.

Staffing: Fabian employs a part time member of staff in his office at Westminster. There is also a small team of staff working at the constituency office at 335 Roundhay Road. Details of the personnel in Leeds can be found on this web site.

Running costs: Expenses are paid from public funds to provide the costs of running the constituency office. These include rent/rates, utilities, telecommunications, stationery, postage and rentals of office equipment.