Fabian to visit Zimbabwe in February 2015

As part of his work with the International Development Select Committee, Fabian plans to visit Zimbabwe in February 2015 togethether with fellow committee members. The purpose of this visit will be for the MPs to evaluate at first hand the effectiveness of government to support for Zimbabwe particularly in the light of the recent improvement in the democratic governance of that country.

Fabian is very conscious that the country remains very important for the UK and that his own constituency of Leeds North East is now home to many people formerly from Zimbabwe who now live and work in the UK as British citizens. In preparation for his visit, Fabian would greatly like to hear from any constituent with close connections to Zimbabwe and, in particular, he would very much welcome suggestions on issues to raise and what to try and see when he travels to Africa next February.

Details of the visit and Fabian account when he returns will appear on this web site.