Fabian visits Talbot Primary School

Fabian at Talbot Primary School

Always keen to encourage the interest of young people in current affairs and how the country is governed, Fabian visited Talbot Primary School on Friday 22nd January. He was welcomed to the school by headteacher Parm Gill before speaking to Key Stage 2 children at their morning assembly. Afterwards Fabian met members of the School Council and then visited the two Year 6 classes.

Fabian, speaking at the school assembly, is introduced by Deputy Head Teacher Jude Rivers

Fabian was able to share with all the older children some details of the way that he was elected, and the work that he does both in London and in the constituency. Then began the first of many searching questions that children were determined to get answered.

After the assembly Fabian was able to talk to children from Year 2 to Year 6 who had been elected to represent their peers on the School Council.

Fabian with members of Talbot School Council and their teacher / mentor Hannah Christie

In responding to questions from the Council, Fabian was able to explain the work he undertakes in conjunction with Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Leader and the policy interests they hold in common including their shared views on disarmament. Fabian also explained how the leadership campaign had worked and his personal support for Yvette Cooper. Turning the tables somewhat, Fabian then quizzed the School Council on the initiatives that they wanted to progress in order to improve the environment in their school.

Fabian speaking to members of the School Council together with Hannah Christie

Later Fabian visited two classes and faced more questions on how elections are undertaken and he was able to speak about the struggle there had been in the past to achieve universal suffrage. Fabian was extremely impressed with children's curiosity and the extent to which they were informed and aware of many of the key issues in the news today.

Fabian answers children's questions in their class room

These are some of the many questions that he faced.

  • Do you agree with the Labour manifesto?
  • What was your dream job?
  • Have you met the Queen and the corgis?
  • What did you think about politics when you were a child?
  • Have you led a debate in Parliament?
  • Do you get paid to be an MP?
  • Do you enjoy being an MP?
  • Do you agree with the Prime Minister?
  • Why did you join a political party?
  • Should money be spent helping immigrants?
  • What are the most important issues you have had to wrestle with as an MP?
  • Why do we pay taxes and what are they used for?
  • Why are you in the Labour Party?
  • Why do footballers get paid so much?

After his meetings with the children, Fabian was able to discuss issues of direct concern to the school with the Parm Gill, Head Teacher. Discussion included the way the school is seeking to work with Leeds City Council to  make an appropriate contribution towards resolving the problem of the acute shortage of school places in North Leeds.

Before leaving, Fabian thanked the Head Teacher for the work of the school and for its dedicated commitment to serving the local community. He particularly praised the children's achievement and their high social awareness.