Fabian at large

To offer a glimpse of some of the work that Fabian does at fairly typical time of year, a summary of some of the activities he has undertaken recently are shown below - essentially an extract from his diary.

Solutions for the Planet: Fabian attended this conference for young people from across the region to put forward their ideas to improve their community, the wider society and the environment. The showcase event was held at the Royal Armouries in Leeds on Friday 9th March 2012. For further details - click here

International Women's Day: On Monday 5th March Fabian attended an event held at the Ziff Centre in Moortown to look at the distressing issue of women being trafficked for sex and criminal activity. Rachel Reeves MP for Leeds West was the guest speaker. Further details on Rachel's web site - click here

Iraqi Parliament Finance Committee: Fabian met members of the Iraqi parliament in London on Thursday 6th March. Discussion included the tremendous opportunities for investment, exports and tourism that are beginning to follow from the political stabilisation of the country following the long and painful war. Fabian is particularly excited by the potential for tourism to the country that is the cradle of civilisation and human intelligence.

Links with Turkey: On Wednesday 7th March, Fabian had a meeting with the Turkish Ambassador to the UK Mr Ünal Çeviköz to discuss the proposed visit to Turkey by MPs in April. Fabian seeks to extend links to Turkey which is a country with a large population, enjoying economic growth and seeking to establish closer links with (including eventual membership) of the European Economic Community.

Leeds Law Society: Fabian was invited to the Leeds Law Society dinner on Thursday 8th March. In 2008 Fabian helped launch Leeds Legal, the organisation that promotes the significance of Leeds as the largest law centre in the UK outside London and whose work brings millions of pounds into the Leeds economy. A number of senior law figures live in Fabian's constituency. For more details on Leeds Legal - click here

Remembering Tibet: Fabian attended the annual wreath laying ceremony at Westminster Abbey on Wednesday 7th March commemorating those who have given their lives as martyrs in the struggle for an independent county and freedom from Chinese rule.