Fabian Hamilton - Member of Parliament for Leeds North East
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General Election 2019 statement

Whoever is next to lead our Party must take responsibility for holding the Tories to account during what will be a difficult next five years. With the Tories having a comfortable majority in Parliament, it’s a task that is by no means easy but, with the support of our fantastic members, supporters and colleagues in the Parliamentary Labour Party, it is absolutely possible.    We must look at the reasons so many decided to abandon Labour last Thursday and tackle them head on. With our people-powered movement of so many, we must rebuild trust within these communities before the Tories are allowed to sell off the NHS to Donald Trump and further their austerity agenda that has done so much damage to the country for the last decade.    But, the answer is not to embrace the politics of austerity or abandon our polices on Climate Change and our commitment… Read more