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Visit to Diabetic Foot Clinic at St James’s Hospital

Visit to the Diabetic Foot Clinic at St James’s Hospital with Cllr Ghulam Hussain, Dr Jonathan Bodansky and Dr Liz Martin.

The biggest cause of toe and foot amputations is the combination of poorly managed diabetes and foot infections.  The Diabetic Foot Clinic at St James’s Hospital is an important treatment centre for these conditions as well as being able to deal quickly and effectively with infections which can lead to the loss of parts of the foot, or at worst the leg if not dealt with immediately.  

Constituents Dr Liz Martin and Dr Jonathan Bodansky are leading experts in the field and I was delighted to be invited to visit the centre in December to see their excellent work for myself.

As I suffer from Type 2 Diabetes, it was especially chilling to see what happens if treatment of injuries to the feet of diabetes sufferers is not rapid and part of the work done at the centre is to ensure better education and understanding.  Dr Bodansky says that simply having good quality well-fitting shoes can ensure against many foot problems for diabetics.


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