Fabian Hamilton - Member of Parliament for Leeds North East
Fighting for fairness justice and equality

Statement by Fabian on the disciplinary action taken by the Labour Party against Ken Livingstone

Like so many of my colleagues in Parliament and in constituency Labour parties throughout the country, I was appalled that former London Mayor Ken Livingstone was allowed to remain a member of our Party following the deeply offensive claims he made about Adolf Hitler having allegedly been a 'supporter of Zionism'.
Whatever opinions members of the Party may have about the present-day conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, it is wholly unacceptable to suggest that the establishment of the  state of Israel was founded on Nazi ideology or somehow supported by Hitler before the Nazis decided to systematically eradicate the Jewish people resulting in the Holocaust.

There is no place in any political party, least of all the Labour Party, for anti-semitism.  Labour has always been at the forefront of the fight against racism in whatever form it appears in our world and there cannot be any excuse or justification for members of our Party to be allowed to express such repugnant views which have been shown to be completely false by some of the our most respected historians.

This is not simply an issue for Jewish people like me, but for the whole of society in this country and throughout the world.  If we allow this kind of lie to be perpetrated, then we pave the way for Holocaust denial and more racist mythology to further divide humanity.  The only hope for the future of the human race is to live together in mutual respect and not to allow ourselves to be divided by egotists who believe they have a monopoly of truth for their own selfish ends.

Ken Livingstone must apologise unreservedly for the harm he has done and the offence he has caused, or be expelled from our Party immediately.

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