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Visit to Jordan

Syrian refugee children at school in the Azraq camp in North Jordan

The Azraq Refugee Camp in North Jordan desert – it is the newest camp to be built by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

As part of my new Peace and Disarmament brief, I visited Jordan in mid-January.  The aim of the trip was to find out as much as possible about the threats and problems that the Middle East’s most stable country was facing and to see how we in the UK could help our ally.

I visited the new Azraq refugee camp near the Syrian border North East of Amman and saw first hand how British taxpayers’ money is being used for humanitarian relief and assistance to Syrian refugees still fleeing the violence after six years of war in Syria.  I heard first hand accounts of the trauma faced by refugees and met many children who are being educated at temporary school set up by UNICEF at the camp.

I was also the first foreign representative to meet the new Jordanian Foreign Minister,  Ayman Safadi, and I visited the Jordanian Army’s Quick Reaction Force which is being assisted by British Army officers who are working closely with their Jordanian counterparts.  I had a full briefing from the Army on the current border threats facing the country from its neighbours.

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