Fabian's ride to Drancy near Paris

Friday 25th July 2014: Fabian's Grand Depart from Donisthorpe Hall

Under an azure blue sky and in brilliant sunshine, Fabian set off at 10:30 this morning on his charity cycle ride and personal pilgrimage to Drancy in NW Paris.



A splendid party had been arranged by staff at Donisthorpe Hall with many residents, staff and friends from the Jewish community in Leeds there to give Fabian a rousing send-off. Those present were greatly impressed by Fabian's designer cycling outfit that showed the logos of some of the organisations that are sponsoring his ride.



Fabian's ride was praised by Mr Jonathan Grant, Vice Chair of the Trustees of Donisthorpe Hall who introduced the event and thanked Fabian for the effort he was making to sustain work at Donisthorpe. In thanking those present who were helping in so many ways, Fabian also paid tribute to his wife Rosy who would be accompanying him by car in full support. Her personal parting gift was to ensure that her husband was copiously anointed with sun-block cream before setting off on his journey.

Residents, staff and friends give Fabian a rousing cheer as he sets off to Drancy. Fabian's progress will be logged on this page at regular intervals during his ride.



Progress Day 1 Friday 25th July: Fabian has reached Walkeringham near Gainsborough Lincolnshire.

Progress Day 2 Saturday 26th July: Fabian arrived at Melton Mowbray.

Progress Day 3 Sunday 27th July: Fabian nearing Bedford at 16:55 hrs.

Progress Day 4 Monday 28th July: Arrived in London. Ride resumes on Wednesday.

Progress Day 5 Tuesday 29th July: Rest day in London and visit to synagogue.

Progress Day 6 Wednesday 30th July: En route again. At 16:34 hrs leaving the North Downs near the Bluebell Railway.

Progress Day 7 Thursday 31st July: Fabian has now crossed the channel and has arrived in Dieppe.

Progress Day 8 Friday 1st August: 3:30 pm Fabian is just south of Forges Les Eaux about one third of the wasy between Dieppe and Paris.

Progress Day 9 Saturday 2nd August: 2:20 pm Passing through Beauvais.

Progress Day 10 Sunday 3rd August: Fabian successfully completes his ride of 430 miles and arrives at Drancy where he is met by the Deputy Mayor and Andrew Brown the Chair of Donisthorpe.

For details of his itinerary - Click here


On the evening of Tuesday 1st October 2014, Fabian returned to Donisthorpe Hall to present cheques for the £4600 he raised from well wishers who followed his cycle ride. He also gave an illustrated talk about his journey and explained the special significance for him of being able to make a pilgrimmage emding in Drancy, the place where his own relatives had been deported from France to Nazi Germany and never came back.

















Sporting once more the riding gear, that he wore for his ride to Drancy, Fabian is thanked by Chair of Donisthorpe Trustees, Jonathan Grant for his efforts on behalf of the care home.

Fabian illustrates his presentation using photographs of some of the family members that he lost in the Holocaust.