Foreign Affairs Committee

Fabian was a member of the influential House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC) from 2001 until 2010.

The FAC conducted a number of important enquiries, including one into Israel and Gaza and Afghanistan where Members of the FAC visited. Fabian has also been to Serbia, Kosovo and Bosnia Herzegovina where there are still many ongoing problems following the appalling conflicts which ended just ten years ago.

A trip was to meet members of the Obama Administration in Washington DC and to be updated on a number of United Nations issues at the UN in New York. The visits are always brief and packed with meetings and travelling, but they add a great deal to the knowledge and information which the Committee learns and puts into its well-written reports.

At a meeting of the Roundhay Christian Churches at which Fabian was a guest speaker, the Chairman, Rev John Oliver told the audience of over 200 people who filled St Edmund's Church that Fabian's work on the Foreign Affairs Committee was of national importance and brought huge benefit to such a diverse and multi-racial constituency.