Fabian rides to Amsterdam for St Gemma's

Fabian commuting to Westminster by bike and train

On the 14th July 2011 Fabian, together with his daughter Ella and his son Lawrence, set off from the Dutch Embassy in Hyde Park Gate, London, on a sponsored bike ride to raise money for St Gemma's Hospice in Moortown.

Setting off from the Dutch Embassy

The Dutch Ambassador, His Excellency Mr Pim Waldeck was present to see the venture start and offer his good wishes. The group first rode to Dover and then proceeded from Dunkirk to Amsterdam.

St Gemma's Hospice Moortown

Fabian's project is to try and raise at least 3000 pounds and asks for help from all friends and well-wishers to join with him and through a donation support St Gemma's, a centre of care whose work is so important for very many people in the Leeds North East constituency.

Fabian has tried to support St Gemma's since first being elected to Leeds North East in 1997. He does this out of a commitment to the work of the hospice in the constituency and also as an act of memory for his mother whose own work for the hospice movement was commemorated at her funeral.

Fabian wites, "My late Mother, Adrianne Uziell-Hamilton, was deeply committed to the Hospice Movement, so in her blessed memory I decided that this year's charity bike ride would be dedicated to St Gemma's - a hospice which provides such amazing support within the communities I represent, and for which I have the highest respect."

If you would like to make a donation please do so on the Just Giving web site.

Click on the logo to make your donation.

You can also add your good wishes. Fabian and his family would find your messages so very encouraging and your thoughts will help sustain them on their arduous 325 mile journey.