Fabian visits Highfield Primary School

Fabian gives his work with schools a very high priority when he is in the constituency. Over many years while serving as MP he has undertaken an extensive programme of regular visits. This gives him the opportunity to listen to and understand the many issues in the world of education and to take back to Westminster the concerns from the classroom.

As well as speaking to headteachers and school staff, Fabian consciously tries to make a contribution to the work of the schools he visits. Typical of his input is the example of his visit to Highfield Primary School on Friday 1st February 2103 where he talked about his work as an MP and was grilled in depth by members of the School Council. Among the many questions that Fabian had to answer were the following:

  • What skills or aptitudes are needed by MPs?
  • Have you ever been on television?
  • Have you ever met the Prime Minister?
  • What do you think about the high rates of interest charged by personal loan companies?
  • What do you think of the government changes to school GCSE examinations?
  • How did you become interested in politics?

In seeking to respond to this high level of interest from pupils, Fabian was able to help them understand some of the differences between the political parties, the way that Parliament discusses the laws that the government wants to pass and some of the difficult decisions that politicians have to make when there is not enough money to do everything that is needed. After his visit Fabian said, "I was amazed at the level of interest and understanding displayed by members of the Highfield School Council. It is most encouraging that a new generation is becoming aware of politics so that when their time comes to vote and seek to lead, they will want to change the ways that things get done and improve justice in our society".

Fabian meets members of the School Council and Head Teacher, Julie Colley

Watching the proceedings, notebooks poised at the ready, were four other pupils, 'The Highfielders' . These pupils are the reporters who write the on-line newspaper that is published on the school web site. An account of Fabian's visit will appear there in due course.