Hillary Willmer MBE

Hillary Willmer MBE

Hillary pictured on Channel 4 TV

Hillary Willmer, founder member of CROP (Campaign of the Removal of Pimps) has been awarded the MBE in the Quen's New Years Honours list for 2016. Fabian pays this tribute to her work.

I have known Hillary ever since I was first elected to Parliament in 1997.  She lives in North East Leeds and has been a tireless campaigner against the sexual exploitation of children, as well as being one of the founder members of the Campaign for the Removal Of Pimps (CROP).  I have been proud to speak at a number of meetings she has organised over the years and hosted an event in Parliament which Hillary organised to draw attention of MPs and Peers to the trafficking of children for sexual exploitation.

Hillary would be the first to say that she is not the only person who should be recognised for her work in this difficult area, but there is no doubt that she has been – and continues to be – one of the driving forces behind a campaign on a subject which is still very much a taboo in society, but nonetheless an issue which needs resolving for the sake of so many children and young people whose lives have been damaged, or even destroyed, by ruthless criminals. Hillary is a brave and committed woman who deserves to be recognised for her brilliant work, and I am so delighted that she has been awarded an MBE.

CROP is now known as Parents against Child Exploitation (PACE). To find out more - Click here

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