Homes for Britain

Building Homes for Britain

Fabian is proud to launch his ground breaking report entitled, 'Building Homes for Britain', which he hopes will be a significant contribution to the debate looking for solutions to the very grave housing shortage in the UK. In his forward to the report Fabian calls for:-


More new homes
Give councils more freedom to create homes
Establish Regional Public Housing Authorities
Support renovation, bringing empty homes back into use, self-build and community led housing

Unlock Investment
Establish a National Housing Investment Bank
Encourage institutional investors and pension funds to invest in residential housing

Support Construction
Create support for small and medium sized builders
Increase number of apprenticeships
Close the skills shortage and the skills gap

Put people first
Create more mixed tenure developments
Create meaningful and transparent engagement
Ensure homes are sustainable and energy efficient



Fabian hopes that his report will attract widespread study and debate and thus help in freeing up the log jam of issues including planning, finance and affordability. These are keeping so many families in crowded sub-standard accommodation and inflating  prices beyond the reach of so many aspirant tenants and home owners.

The report has been researched and edited by Simon Jose, Labour Party Researcher.

To download a copy of the report - Click here