Iby Knill Auschwitz survivor at Westminster

Fabian invites Iby Knill, Auschwitz survivor to speak at Westminster

Fabian has arranged a talk at Westminster to be given by Moortown resident, Iby Knill on her wartime experience when she was imprisoned, tortured and sent to Auschwitz. Iby will speak in Speakers House in the Palace of Westminster on the 12th February 2011 to an audience of MPs, Peers, Westminster staff and Researchers.Iby, aged 87 years, is an active and articulate witness to the atrocities of the Second World War and she now spends much of her time speaking to young people in schools all around the region about her experiences. In 2010, Iby spoke at 40 venues to audiences totalling more than 5000 people.

Fabian chats with Iby at her Moortown home on February 3rd 2011

Iby's childhood was in Czecholslovakia and she was smuggled (illegally) by her Jewish parents into Hungary to avoid the persecution in their home country. In Hungary she was eventually caught, imprisoned and tortured not only because she was Jewish but also for being in Hungary illegally and aiding the resistance movement. She was sent to the Auschwitz-Birkenhau camp. She left in June 1944 volunteering to travel as a nurse with a transport of 500 women to Lippstadt where she worked to protect the weak and helpless from the gas chambers. She was eventually liberated by Allied forces at Easter 1945.

Iby displays her book about her wartime experiences

Iby's story was first told on the BBC television series, 'My Story' and this prompted her to write the book of her experience, 'The Woman Without a Number'. This is a reference to her not being given a number as a Jew because she was firstly arrested as an illegal immigrant and a political prisoner.

Her war time experience and life subsequently means that Iby speaks English, German, Slovakian, Hungarian and Norweigan. Fabian is very conscious that there is now a rapidly declining number of people who can speak from first hand experience of the evil of the Nazis and remind us all of the path that racisim leads to human cruelty. Fabian said, "I am so proud that Iby, one of my constituents, has agreed to help me encourage my colleagues from all political parties at Westminster to reflect on what can be learned from the past and resolve to protect society from repeating such evil ever again."

The Woman Without Number by Iby Knill is published by Scratching Shed Publishing Ltd at an rrp of £13.99