Inclusive campaigning

On Friday 13th March 2015, Fabian shared a platform with Greg Mulholland MP to speak to voters with learning difficulties and other needs at the Holbeck Community Centre. Styled in the form of 'Question Time' the event was expertly managed by organisers to enable key questions to be put that concerned visitors to the centre.

Among Among the many issues raised were: -

  1. Help for those with learning needs to secure employment.
  2. Support for getting involved with sport.
  3. Simplification of the benefits system.
  4. Safety for people having learning difficulties.

A key area of conncern that was that of the time restriction on bus passes. Both Fabian and Greg were concerned to realise the implications for people with learning difficulties who have a bus pass and use it to take up training, seek work and go to their employment. The strat time of 9:30 hrs., after the rush hour, means that much extra expense is incurred by job seekers with learning difficulties who are only able to go to training venues or apply for jobs if they use often significant amounts of their own money to pay for bus fares in the morning.

Fabian agreed that the position was upsetting and needed to be looked into. He could see no reson why a distinction could not be made between travel cards given to people with learning needs and those for pensioners and with different restrictions according to need.