Inter Parliamentary Union

Fabian represents the Westminster Parliament at the United Nations in New York

On the 28th and 29th November 2011, Fabian has been in New York as he had been requested to represent the UK parliament at a meeting of the Inter Parliamentary Union being held at the United Nations. The Union is the focal point for world-wide parliamentary dialogue and works for peace and co-operation among peoples and for the firm establishment of representative democracy.

The photograph above was taken on Monday 28th of November and shows Fabian sitting next to the Turkish delegate, Mr Mehmet Ersoy, an MP representing the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) who was elected in June of this year for the first time.

Fabian is the meeting in New York for here a second year running but this time with a British Parliamentary colleague, Gareth Johnson who is the Conservative MP for Dartford who was elected for the first time in May 2010. The theme of this year's meeting is 'Strengthening Political Accountability for a More Peaceful and Prosperous World'.

The meeting lasts for two days, 28th and 29th November and comprises four sessions of three hours each during which a panel of speakers gives an introduction, speaking on the theme of the session and attempting to answer some of the questions posed on the programme notes for that session. The issues are then open to the floor for comment and question and to the participation of sixty or so countries' Parliamentarians represented at the meeting.

This picture shows Fabian with colleagues from the Korean delegation. From left to right: Gareth Johnson MP (Con, Dartford); Kim Se Yeon, Member National Assembly, Republic of Korea; and FH; Sung Nam Lee, Member, National Assembly, Republic of Korea.

The Koreans wanted to meet us to discuss trade between Korea, the Eurozone and the UK. They were also interested in what was happening in the UK economy and what was the future of the Euro - would it survive the current crisis, or was this the end of the currency? They also told us of how strong the bonds were between the UK and the Republic of Korea and how much the two nations trusted each other.