Fabian visits the Khalsa Science Acedemy in Chapeltown

Fabian visits a Free School in his constituency

On Friday 13th June Fabian was delighted to be invited to visit the Khalsa Science Academy in Chapeltown. It is in fact a newly established primary school sponsored by the Sikh community and located in a converted section of the gymnasium at the Sikh Temple. The school has been established under the government Free School Programme that enables parents, community groups and others to establish schools independent of the control of the local education authority and to be funded directly by the state.


In the expertly adapted gymnasium, Fabian and Balraj Singh Gill watches children at work with their class teacher Alison Hall


The Khalsa Science Academy aims to offer effective primary education inspired by Sikh values but it is not a faith school and children from all sections of the community are welcome. The school will also seek to offer a strong science and technology dimension to the curriculum that it will offer. In its first year the school has been established with 20 younger pupils and employs one teacher and two teaching assistants. There is a head teacher designate who will take full charge of the education programme from the beginning of next term



Fabian tries his hand at a spot of mathematics teaching


In this his first visit to a Free School Fabian said, "I am really pleased to see how familiar and reassuring the school is. Listening to some of the arguments about the Free Schools Policy, I wondered just what some proposers might be seeking to implement in terms of radical changes. Here at the Khalsa Science Academy I have met a group of people who believe passionately in giving children a highly effective liberal education covering all aspects of a primary school curriculum and without the imposition of a religious doctrine. I have long been impressed by the Sikh Community with whom I have worked over many years and I greatly respect the values they hold dear: - Equality, Rights and responsibilities, Good deeds, Family life, and Sharing. These can form an admirable basis for the ethos of a school. Learning of the Sikh religious dimension will also help children develop a spiritual maturity concerning how they will use their lives."


Fabian discusses school provision with Alison Hall

During his visit Fabian spoke to Alison Hall the class teacher, Balraj Singh Gill a teaching assistant and member of the Sikh Temple and also to Brendon English Head Teacher designate. Brendon explained to Fabian that under his direction the school will base its programme on the International Primary Curriculum which has a strong multicultural dimension. As a Free School, the Khalsha Sceince Academy is not bound by the contet government determined National Curriculum and will use this freedom to further enrich the educational learning opportunities for children in the school.

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