Fabian is given a copy of the Holy Koran in the Sinai Synagogue

On Tuesday 21st January, Fabian attended a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. His interest arose following the event that Fabian had attended last November at the Sinai Synagogue in Roundhay. On this occasion, Mr Muhammad Nayyer, a member of the Ahmadiyya Community had been invited to speak about his experience as a refugee from Pakistan.

Notwithstanding their profound belief in the nature of the Prophet Muhammad and the centrality of the Koran, Ahmadiyya Muslims face persecution in some countries including Pakistan, where they are not regarded as Muslims and Saudi Arabia which prohibits their travel to pilgrimmage at Mecca. Their specific beliefs are regarded as unacceptable by mainstream Muslim traditions and they are often accused of blasphemy. Ahmadiyya Muslims were among the first Muslims to settle in the United Kingdom and the community is well represented in Bradford where their Al Mahdi mosque is now a well known landmark. For more information on the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community - Click Here for the Wikipedia page or Click Here for the Community web site.

The occasion last November when Fabian was invited to meet Muhammed Nayyer at the Sinai Synagogue was especially memorable. It was a special privilege for Fabian to attend a meeting in a Synagogue where members had invited a Muslim speaker specifically to learn about the lives and persecution that some Muslims experience. For Fabian it was also crowned by an unexpected gift he received from Muhammad Nayer.

At the event in the Sinai synagogue last November, Fabian is given a copy of the Holy Koran from Muhammad Nayyer

Fabian was deeply moved when he was presented with a beautifully embossed edition of the Koran. The Ahmadiyya Muslim community encourages people to read the Koran and makes presents of them in the same tradition as do some Christian groups such as Gideons International who are probably best known for the way they provide Holy Bibles in hotel bedrooms worldwide.