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1. New Address La Petite École de Leeds has relocated to Shire Oak Primary School, Wood Land, Headingley, Leeds LS6 2DT

2. Welcome to children with English as a first language At its new home in Shire Oak Primary School the organisers on La Petite École de Leeds are now organising French classes for the children of English speaking parents who would like their children to be introduced to the language in the company of the French pupils.This is what makes it a unique club. The organisers aim encourage a positive attitude towards learning languages which will equip pupils to succeed in the future. Above all they make French fun and easy to learn. A devised programme with fun creative and artistic activities (mainly in French) such as drama, movement, arts, singing is designed to inspire children and to build their confidence in communicating in French. It is also a good preparation for secondary school. Learning French at an early age helps children to reproduce the sounds and accent of the foreign language which will provide them with excellent linguistic skills. For more information about La Petite École de Leeds - Click Here

Fabian's visits to La Petite École de Leeds

Fabian went to la Petite École de Leeds for a second time on Saturday 28th April with Axelle Lemaire, a candidate for the French legislative elections standing in the constituency for citizens living abroad. Fabian has known Axelle for a long time and was very pleased to accompany her to see the new location for the children in their school.

Axelle Lemaire, next to Fabian Hamilton at la Petite École de Leeds

Visit by Fabian Hamilton to la Petite École de Leeds

On 28th January, Fabian was delighted to visit the Saturday morning school organised by volunteers for children from families where one or both parents is French. Many such families share the hope that their children can become bilingual, thus understanding the culture of two countries and gaining a skill that will be invaluable for their future careers. Knowing two languages also enables children to talk to all their relatives

Fabian is introduced to a young class learning simple vocabulary

La Petite École de Leeds runs each Saturday at Gledhow Primary School. There are some 95 children who take part and they are split into 5 classes each led by a teacher and an assistant who are native French speakers. The children who attend enjoy a complete morning immersed in the use of the French language and in experiencing a little of what it is like at a French primary school.

Patricia Lefèvre, Fabian, Catherine Blain and Corinne Lapierre

Fabian was greeted by the organisers, Patricia Lefèvre who is responsible for communications and links with parents, Corinne Lapierre responsible for teaching and resources and Catherine Blain responsible for finance. Fabian together with his wife Rosy visited a number of the classes ranging from seeing the youngest pupils learning French nouns to a group of junior age pupils getting to grips with the past tense in using their verbs. Additionally each class enjoys a theatre session each morning where many active language games are used to help develop vocabulary and confidence of children enabling them to enjoy speaking French together.

Patricia Lefèvre, Fabian, Catherine Blain, Corinne Lapierre, Vincent Gleizes, Jeremy Burton, Martine Burton and another team member

Also present on the day that Fabian visited was the French Honorary Consul in Leeds, Mr Jeremy Burton and his wife together with Mr Vincent Gleizes from the Institut Français at the French Embassy in London.

Resources for teaching French Garmmar not forgetting the reference to champagne!

The school is not free and parents pay £27 per month for each child. The school hires rooms at Gledhow Primary School and pays the staff who run the classes. Fortunately there is a small subsidy that they are able to claim from the French government and Fabian is supporting the school managers in their request that this financial assistance can be continued in the new financial year.

Vistors, managers and teachers at la Petite École de Leeds

At the end of his visit Fabian said, "This is a remarkable project and I wished I had learned of the work of La Petite École de Leeds much earlier especially as it takes place right at the heart of the Leeds North East constituency. I understand why French parents want their children to learn the language and culture of France. If these children can grow up to be able to use two languages fluently they will have many opportunities for employment both here, in France and in other countries where French is used. I congratulate the organisers for their work and will do whatever I can to support their continued success."

For more information about La Petite École de Leeds - Click Here