Fabian joins Labour Front Bench Treasury Team

Fabian has been invited to become the Parliamentary Private Secretary to Rachel Reeves MP who is the Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury. Fabian joins the group of key Labour MPs who lead the opposition to the coalition government on Treasury and finance matters. The team currently comprises:

  • Ed Balls MP, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • Rachel Reeves MP, Shadow Chief Treasury Secretary
  • David Hanson MP, Shadow Exchequer Secretary
  • Chris Leslie MP, Shadow Financial Secretary to the Treasury
  • Cathy JamiesonMP, Shadow Economic Secretary to the Treasury and former Minister of Education and Justice Minister in the Scottish Parliament
  • Barbara Keeley MP

In joining these colleagues and working closely with Rachel Reeves, Fabian will have the opportunity to play a full part in the development and communication of Labour economic and financial policies. Fabian is committed to serving the country through his work as a Labour politician and, in particular, promoting means of securing growth, propsperity and more equitable wealth distribution. As a member of the Shadow Treasury Team, Fabian will be able to promote a widespread understanding of the credible and necessary alternatives to the damaging Tory policies of cutting and downsizing the state that are proving to be so damaging and leading to great distress and poverty.

In accepting the invitation to join the team Fabian said that he was both delighted and honoured to be asked. He has pledged himself to doing his utmost to make a useful contribution to Labour's work in opposition and to help people realise that there is a real alternative to the present Tory misery. The duties will mean playing a greater part in Commons Treasury debates and, in particular, supporting Rachel Reeves with her portfolio of opposition responsibilities.

Shadow posts in opposition do not have any government executive responsibility and are not remunerated.

Added 16th December 2011