Leeds Trolley Bus Funding

Fabian seized the opportunity he was given at Prime Minister's Question Time on Wednesday the 3rd of November to press for decision on the deperately needed Leeds Trolley Bus Scheme to go ahead. David Cameon gave a feeble response saying only that the issue was under consideration and telling Fabian that he will be one of the first to get to know the decision.

For many years Leeds has been short changed for investment in public transport schemes. Having enjoyed one of the most extensive tram systems in the UK it seemed very appropriate that a new newtork be constructed to relieve the staggering levels of congestion, particularly during the morning rush hour. The dream of a brand new three line system from the city to East Ardsley, Lawnswood and Whinmoor was shattered when costs were deemed to be too high. These costs were modest compared with the investment in the South East but in the north it would seem different standards must apply.

This map shows the extent of the original tram scheme now abandoned - but not before £40 Million had been spent on preparatory work.

The lines were reduced and then the project was axed to be replaced with a cheaper trolley bus proposal with routes just to Stourton, St James Hospital and Lawnswood. Even this modest proposal is now threatened as the £200 Million needed must be competed for from a total pot of planned transport investment expenditure of just £600 Million.

This map shows the scaled down trolley bus proposal.

Along with other Leeds MPs, Fabian has campaigned energetically for transport investment in our city. London, Manchester, Sheffield, Croydon, Newcastle and Nottingham all have tram or rapid transport systems yet Leeds has nothing.

Fabian said, "David Cameron had the opportunity on Wednesday to show that his government cared for Leeds and the city deserved and needed the investment to support and sustain the economic development that it generates. Instead my question was virtually ignored. It does not bode well. If Leeds fails to receive this investment we will all know just how little this coalition governement cares about the environment, economic growth and the importance of the regions."

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