Fabian meets Alexander Litvinenko's widow Marina

Fabian was honoured on Wednesday 4th July to meet Marina Litvinenko the widow of Alexander Litvinenko the former KGB officer and dissident who was murdered in London by a dose of radioactive poison in Nobember 2006.

Fabian is shown here with Marina at the House of Commons. They were able to discuss the book that Marina has published in association with Alexander Goldfarb entitled 'Death of a Dissident' that seeks to expose the influence of a resurgent KGB culture in the political life of Russia and the alledged use of murder as a tool of the state. Marina's husband died in great distress after swallowing a drink laced with radioactive polonium that subjected his internal organs to a lethal dose of radioactivity. Identification of the murderer and a subsequent prosecution has been hampered by Russian government unwillingness to extradite persons suspected of the crime.