May 2014 City Council Election Results in Leeds NE

Labour strength in the face of challenge

After the count of the votes made in the Leeds City Council elections, Fabian was overjoyed to note the success that had been achieved in three out of the four wards that make up the Leeds North East constituency. Labour held all three seats it was defending and also maintained a strong second position in the ward of Alwoodley. The threat from UKIP and other parties was strongly resisted.

The results for the wards are as follows.



Surname Forename Votes Elected Party name % of votes cast
Christie Malcolm Scott 355 Alliance For Green Socialism - Save NHS 5.2
Ellis Paul Charles 820 Green Party 11.9
Hussain Ghulam 3229 ELECTED Labour Party Candidate 46.9
Paraskos Andy 1952 The Conservative Party Candidate 28.4
Whelan Richard 528 Liberal Democrats 7.6


Chapel Allerton

Surname Forename Votes Elected Party name % of votes cast
Arif Farzana 746 The Conservative Party Candidate 12.4
Carter Emma Louise 736 Green Party 12.3
Choudhry Aqila 326 Liberal Democrats 5.4
Davies Mike 515 Alliance For Green Socialism - Save NHS 8.6
Dowson Jane Alice 3683 ELECTED Labour Party Candidate 61.3



Surname Forename Votes Elected Party name % of votes cast
Campbell Ros 188 Alliance for Green Socialism - Save NHS 2.8
Dodsworth Mark Samuel 1282 The Conservative Party Candidate 18.9
Finlay Darren 781 Liberal Democrats 11.5
Hamilton Sharon 2923 ELECTED Labour Party Candidate 43
Procter Alan Leslie 821 UK Independence Party (UKIP) 12.1
Smith Christopher 806 Green Party 11.9



Surname Forename Votes Elected Party name % of votes cast
Harrand Peter Mervyn 3227 ELECTED The Conservative Party Candidate 48.2
Hendon Warren 891 UK Independence Party (UKIP) 13.3
Jackson Brian 67 Alliance For Green Socialism - Save NHS 1
Knights Sue 309 Liberal Democrats 4.6
Moss Miriam Leontine 290 Green Party 4.3
White Keith Michael 1910 Labour Party Candidate 28.5

(Source of tables - Leeds City Council)

Constituency analysis

Votes Ranking Party name % of votes cast
7272 2 Conservative Party 27.3
1712 5 UKIP 6.5
1125 6 Alliance For Green Socialism 4.3
1944 4 Liberal Democrats 7.4
2652 3 Green Party 10
11745 1 Labour Party 44.5



Looking over the figures, Fabian said,

"I congratulate all the candidates who stood for our party, Labour, in these elections and whose hard work campaigning has been justly rewarded by the confidence that the electorate has expressed in them.

Jane Dowson (Chapel Allerton), Ghullam Hussain (Roundhay) and Sharon Hamilton (Moortown) are already highly experienced and conscientious Councillors for their wards and it is entirely appropriate that they have been chosen to carry on the good work they have been doing on behalf of local people. I also wish to thank Keith White most sincerely for his campaign in Alwoodley. Labour's visible presence in that ward has now kept the Liberal Democrats firmly as also-rans and pushed them down below UKIP.

Overall UKIP has not made much headway in the two wards where they put up candidates. Leeds North East voters are not easily persuaded by a party that rides on the bandwagons of anti EU and anti immigration sentiment to distract voters from its true nature as a right wing party interested only in dismantling the social fabric of our country. Our challenge is now to expose the destructive policies of UKIP in the period up to the General Election next year.

It's significant that Labour gained a larger majority over the Tories on an average turnout of less than 40% in these elections than we did at the last general election in 2010 (4545 majority). UKIP gained almost the same as the Liberal Democrats by standing in two wards as they did in four. And the Green Party are now clearly the third party in our constituency."