MENCAP Fabian listens to concerns on welfare cuts

On Friday the 2nd of March 2012, Fabian visited the head quaters of MENCAP in Leeds to hear concerns about cuts in government expenditure that will hit hard people with learning difficulties and disabilities (LDD). MENCAP is the charity that supports many individuals and their families to live as full and as varied a life as possible. Fabian's visit coincided with a lobby of Parliament. MPs not in London were invited to various local MENCAP centres and Fabian was very pleased to accept as he is very closely concerned about the impact on government changes to the benefits system.

Fundamentally there is not enough money to meet the needs of those who have LDD. Local Councils who offer supplementary support to state-provided benefits are being subject to savage cuts in their allowed expenditure and this is hitting severely the way in which charities such as MENCAP can undertake their compassionate and very necessary work. What is worse is that the situation is becoming exacerbated by a Post Code lottery with different councils prioritising their remaining expenditure in different directions.

MENCAP is lobbying for the framework of support for those with LDD to be enshrined in legislation so that there is no local variation in available funding. Those who depend upon charities like MENCAP need to be assured that the state will offer a basic level of support to help those with LDD lead dignified fulfilling lives.

The photograph of the visit to MENCAP shows on the back row: Maggie Graham (Campaigns Officer), Madeleine Fahy (MENCAP co-ordinator) and Vikki Currie (MENCAP co-ordinator). Seated either side of Fabian are Paul Zulu and Ann Shuter both who live in the constituency of Leeds North East and are helped and supported by MENCAP here in Leeds.

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