Moortown Children's Centre

Moortown Sure Start Centre opens at Halloween

Fabian was delighted to be asked to open the new Mootown Childrens Centre, next to Moor Allerton Hall Primary School, on Monday 31st October 2011.

He joined with local Councillors, many friends, parents and some quite scary characters on this very happy occasion that has brought new services for the Moortown, Roundhay and Chapel Allerton community.

Fabian declares the centre open by unveiling the commemorative plaque.

Fabian pictured with centre manager Lindsay Blackburn

Bill Uhry (Chair of Governors at Moor Allerton Hall Primary School), Cllr. Sharon Hamilton, Fabian, Janice Rush (Governor for Extended Services), Cllr Rebecca Charlwood, Lindsay Blackburn and Molly.

Fabian with children enjoying Halloween fun, Clockwise from top left Hanna, Abigail, Harry, Darcy and Molly.

Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble! No this is not an early start to learning Shakespeare, it is just Halloween at Moortown Centre

Fabian makes a wish and along comes Fairy Enchantica ( known as Susanne outside witching hours) from Make a Wish Entertainment to teach him the spell.

Fabian said later, "If I reveal what I asked for the spell will be broken, but I can say it has something to do with the success that Moortown Sure Start Centre will give the children who it welcomes both now and in future."