News International Scandal

Fabian has replied to the many constituents who have contacted him about the alleged interception of telephone messages and payments to police officers that have been exposed by the recent scandal at the former 'News of the World' Sunday neswpaper.

The text of his reponse to their letters is as follows.

Dear constituent

Murdoch Response July 2011

Thank you for contacting me regarding the News International scandal and its possible effect on the proposed BSkyB take over.

Even before any of the stories of phone hacking surfaced, I was worried about the effect of giving Rupert Murdoch total ownership and control over BSkyB. The journalistic style of the NOTW and the Sun - intrusive stories of people in difficult or tragic situations - made me uneasy. I often wondered how many of these 'facts' were obtained and felt frustrated by the misquotes, some of which were blatantly invented.

And now we hear revelation after revelation about alleged illegal and immoral activities by employees of Murdoch newspapers in their pursuit of the "news". Hacking into innumerable phones of private individuals, who had a right to expect some regard and privacy in their difficult situations; paying money to the police; questionable attempts to gain private information about public figures.

And no one until now has had the courage to call time on Rupert Murdoch. Enough is enough. All of Parliament must act together now to see that this man's malign influence on our Parliamentary democracy is ended. The first step on this road has been taken - to set up an inquiry into the News of the World phone hacking scandal. The next step - to appoint a senior judge to oversee the inquiry - needs to be taken immediately, so that the inquiry can actually begin its work. I cannot understand why the Prime Minister is hestitating, lagging so far behind public outrage at recent events, when with every passing day more repugnant actions by Murdoch employees are being revealed.

I will be urging the Prime Minister to appoint a judge immediately make a start on discovering the depth of the problems with News International. In my opinion Rupert Murdoch is decidedly not a "fit and proper" person to run one newspaper let alone a number of newspapers and BSkyB.

No one person or corporation should ever have such far-reaching control over the British media. Murdoch's British media empire should be dismantled as a matter of urgency and I believe we should legislate so that no one can ever gain so much control again.

Yours sincerely,

Fabian Hamilton