Political and constitutional reform

In November 2010 Fabian was honoured to be appointed to the Political and Constitutional Affairs Select Committee. The House of Commons agreed in June 2010 that this committee should be established, to consider political and constitutional reform, scrutinising the work of the Deputy Prime Minister in this area. The committee consists of eleven Members of Parliament, drawn from across the political parties, both those in government and the official opposition.

Fabian is particularly concerned to ensure that the committee fully considers the significance of proposals for changes to Parliament and the way that constituents are represented. Such issues include

  • The proposal to reduce the number of MPs which seems illogical as the population of the country rises. The consequence of fewer MPs will be larger constituencies, less susceptible to changes in polical control and meaning individual MPs will too many people to offer a service.
  • The constitutional relationship between central and local government.

The list of members of the Select Committee shown on the Parliament.UK web site on 19th March still shows the name of Sir Peter Soulsby whose place is being taken by Fabian.

Useful links: Select Committee web site