Police Funding Campaign

The government expenditure review is causing Councils and public bodies to savagely scale back their expenditure and work. The West Yorkshire Police is set to see its funding reduced by £90 Million over the next four years and it is predicted that this will lead to a staff reduction of between 1500 and 2000 posts including a large number of police officers.

Notwithstanding some internal discomfort due to his kidney stone treatment,on Friday 28th Fabian went with Leeds Central MP , Hilary Benn to meet Yvette Cooper MP (Shadow Home Secretary) and Ed Balls MP (Shadow Chancellor) at Police HQ in Wakefield to discuss the grave consequences of the disasterous reduction in government funding.

Ed Balls, Hilary Benn, Yvette Cooper and Fabian outside Police HQ

After the meeting Fabian said that he was very angry and most concerned.

"There are many aspects of policing that are going to be jeapardised by this irresponsible and unneccesarily reckless Tory policy to reduce public spending much faster than is really necessary. I fear for the inevitable rise in the level of crime, the number of dangerous drivers that will not be apprehended and the general anxiety that will follow with less policing in the community. This government is betraying UK citizens and the Tory Home Secretary Theresa May is oblivious to this. The fundamental duty of a government, of whatever political persuasion, is to protect its citizens. We have now got a government so committed to its narrow uncaring ideology that it forgets its prime responsibility"

Fabian and his colleagues pledged to oppose the cuts at Westminster and to support the work of the West Yorkshire Police.