Police Commissioner Elections in West Yorkshire

Directly elected Police Commissioners will replace Police Authorities after the 15th November 2012. They are intended to make the work of local police forces more democratically accountable to the public they serve. The power to hire the Chief Constable and hold him or her to account will make the role very significant.

Mark Burns-Williamson OBE

Fabian, like other Labour MPs, did not support this change. However given that Parliament has decided that there should be elected Police Commissioners, he urges everyone to turn out and vote for the official Labour candidate Mark Burns-Williamson OBE. Fabian describes Mark as a candidiate possessing both the experience and the ability that can help secure the best police service for the residents of West Yorkshire. Fabian has been actively canvassing support for Mark around the constituency. Fabian has also been appointed to be responsible for liaison between Mark and the Labour MPs representing constituencies in West Yorkshire.

Why is this election important?

  • Efficient, trusted policing is at the heart of every harmonious and peaceful community.
  • Policing ensures that crimes are investigated, criminals are brought to justice and that the community is safe.

Vote for Mark Burns-Williamson because he will:

  • Resist planned cuts of over 800 front line police officers who protect the community;
  • Keep police on the beat with neighbourhood policing;
  • Ensure that policing is not undertaken by contracted-in private companies;
  • Back strong and swift action on anti-social behaviour with a guaranteed 24hr response;
  • Be tough on crime and the causes of crime;
  • Work in close partnership with local people and organisations to tackle and prevent crime;
  • Preserve the operational independence of the police.

In making these commitments, Mark Burns-Williamson is drawing on his considerable experience gained as Chair of the soon-to-be-disbanded West Yorkshire Police Authority and Chair of the National Association of Police Authorities. His work was recognised with his award of the OBE in 2012 for Services to the Community and Policing.

Fabian said while canvassing recently for Mark Burns-Williamson,

"There is a real urgency about this election. There are four candidates representing the major political parties including one independent. It is vitally important that the person elected not only has the experience and competency to undertake this most important work but is also sympathetic to the needs and conditions of all sections of the very diverse communities in West Yorkshire.That is why I believe that Mark is the candidate we should back to try and make the best of this new situation for local policing."

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