Press Cuttings 2009

This page lists some of press cuttings for 2009 where Fabian has been active on issues of concern to constituents. Click on the links to access the cuttings.

The press cutting may be downloaded as pdf files.
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Press cuttings collection 2009
We have to put people before profits says MP 6th January YEP
Put people before profit urges MP 15th January LWN
Fuel's Gold - MP criticises Centrica's prices 18th January SM
MP with Miliband and Fitzsimmons in solidarity for Israel 30th January JT
Holocaust survivors launch DVD for schools 30th January JT
Hillcrest School visit Home Secretary to advise on gangs 12th February YEP
Electoral Commission debate at Westminster 16th February 2009
Hillcrest Primary School pupils meet the Home Secretary at Westminster 28th February 2009 LWN
Fabian Hamilton angry at world press ignoring missile terror 3rd April 2009 JT
Fabian Hamilton sacrifices pay rise 3rd April 2009 YEP
Fabian at Primary Colours 2008 - 2009 Annual Review PC
Fabian support clamour for change to Quad Bike law on helmets July 2nd 2000 AE
Fabian answers Leisure Club questions about his expenses
17th July 2009 JT
Leeds Taxi manager suspended. Fabian Hamilton expresses concerns.
11th September 2009 YEP
Fabian Hamilton calls for same night vote counting to continue.
12th September 2009 YEP
Badly parked cars. Fabian Hamilton helps elderly Moortown constituents
12th September 2009 YEP
Fabian Hamilton and other Leeds MPs lobby for high speed rail line
14th September 2009 YEP
Saving Valley Terrace woodland. Fabian Hamilton joins the fight. 14th September 2009 YEP
Saving the Green Oasis at Valley Terrace 24th September WN
Equitable Life Pension Payout 5th November 2009 YEP
Israel boycott will hit Palestinians 6th November 2009 JT
When buycott took on boycott 13th November 2009 JC


HM House Magazine

JC Jewish Chronicle

JT Jewish Telegraph

LWN Leeds Weekly News

SM Sunday Mirror

YEP: Yorkshire Evening Post

PC: Primary Colours

AE: Asian Express

WN: Weekly News Choose from Roundhay Today Moortown Today or Chapel Allerton Today