Avoiding constituency disturbance and rioting

Following the disturbing events that have taken place in areas of London and in other UK cities with vehicles and buildings being looted and set on fire by youths out of control, Fabian has reacted strongly with other civic leaders to take measures to try and ensure that any copy-cat repetition is kept to a minimum in the inner areas of Leeds and the constituency.

On Tuesday 9th August Fabian met with area councillors and community leaders to assess what was needed to safeguard public order and seek to prevent any dangerous group dynamic that might incite otherwise law - abiding young people to carry out acts that they would later regret and which could damage the social and business fabric of the community.

On Wednesday 10th August Fabian is meeting senior Leeds police officers and the Leader of Leeds City Council who, together, are planning the possible strategies needed to maintain calm law and order and to encourage the community to have confidence to operate as normally as possible.

A key role for local MPs in such circumstances is to offer a direct channel for communication between the community and the responsible authorities and Fabian is playing his part to be as helpful as is possible in such circumstances. Fabian would greatly welcome your views on the events that have taken place and any insight into their causes.

10th August 2011