Seeking help from your MP

How can I help you?

My staff and I hold a number of advice surgeries each month. For details see ‘Contacts and Links’ on my website.

If you are experiencing difficulties with issues which arise from government departments, my role as a Member of Parliament allows me to make interventions on your behalf, either with the Secretary of State or with the staff of the government department involved.  These include:

  • Benefits
  • National Health Service
  • Police
  • Justice system
  • Visas and Immigration
  • Defence and the Armed Services
  • Inland Revenue
  • CSA

Constituents may also wish to discuss with me the impact on them of changes in legislation, or the ways in which institutions such as banks or other private bodies have handled their cases. Whilst I’m happy to intervene where appropriate, please remember that these are usually cases in which you should seek specialist advice. The following links are to bodies which may be helpful.

As a Member of Parliament, I have no authority over Leeds City Council.  If you need help with an issue which is administered by Leeds City Council, you should arrange to see your local councillor first.  These include the following:

  • provision of council housing or repairs
  • the provision of school places
  • planning and highway matters.   

Where your ward councillor has not been able to solve a problem, I can sometimes help to resolve an issue. If you are unsure about who to contact, feel free to ring my office to discuss who best can help with your case.