Fabian's key interest within education has moved away from simply re-establishing high schools, to broader issues including providing education for the entire world (especially in developing countries) where some 67 million children cannot access a school.

Fabian has been involved with numerous schemes, but also attempts to involve the younger generation understanding the importance of young minds. In particular, Fabian was delighted to be able to support the children at Chapel Allerton Primary School for the "Send My Sister to School" campaign which is now is active in some 4750 schools nationwide, all with the common goal of helping children (in particular girls) in developing nations, to receive an education, through development of new schools, and establishing teachers in those schools.

Year 6 pupils have written letters to the Prime Minister, supporting the cause and helping to provide awareness of the charity. Fabian will be forwarding these letters to the Prime Minister David Cameron. Readings the letters from the children, one can not fail to be touched by the sincerity of the appeal the children are making.

Fabian wishes to thank everyone at Chapel Allerton and especially the pupils who helped with this appeal. If you would like to read more about the "Send My Sister to School" please click here.