Sikh Community outrage - Indian Supreme Court rejects clemency appeal

Fabian responds to the outrage concerning the forthcoming execution in India of Professor Devinder Pal Singh Bhullar

Yesterday (15/4/13) Fabian met a large number of members of the Sikh Community who came to Westminster to express their dismay and anger concerning the decision of the Indian Supreme Court to reject the appeal against the death penalty for Professor Bhullar.

Fabian is writing urgently to the Foreign Secretary, William Hague MP and urging him to intervene with his counterpart in India about the matter. Fabian has also spoken directly to Emma Reynolds, MP for Wolverhampton NE who is Shadow Minister for Europe and Secretary of the All Party Parliamentary Group for British Sikhs. She has spoken directly with William Hague MP. Fabian was interviewed for the Sikh Television Service, Sangat TV, at the Westminster demonstration of support for Professor Bhullar.

In considering a strategy to try and help, Fabian feels that the Indian government is less likely to respond to pressure from its former colonial power than it would do to approaches from other world leaders. Professor Bhullar was extradited from Germany on the strict understanding that he would not be subject to the death penalty and would not be tortured while in custody and on trial. These promises have not been kept. Professor Bhullar has endured a long wait for justice and long periods of solitary confinement. Fabian has advised concerned Sikh communities in the UK and elsewhere to lobby their European MPs and particularly try to get intervention from Germany to bear on the Indian government. Meanwhile Fabian will do all that he can to keep the campaign profile high in order that Indian justice system properly responds to the pleas for mercy for Professor Bhullar.

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