Solar energy - stupid government decision

Fabian has reacted angrily to the recently announced government decision to reduce the price paid for solar generated electricity that is paid to householders with solar panel installations. The feed in tariff was set at a high level to encourage householders to invest in solar panel technology and thus help with government policies to use more green energy.

Fabian has tabled the following Early Day Motion (EDM) which he hopes will be signed by large numbers of members from all political parties and cause the government to reconsider its decision which is potentially very damaging.

Reduction of Feed-in Tariff

Regrets the Government's decision to reduce the Feed-in Tariff from 43.3p per KwH to 21p per Kwh with effect from 12th December 2011; believes that this timeframe is unfair to hundreds of businesses in the industry who will not now be able to complete installation in the time available; is concerned that this measure will trigger a significant number of redundancies in the remaining weeks of this year; feels that the Government's green credentials are being damaged unnecessarily in the rush to save relatively small amounts of expenditure; and urges the Government to reconsider this hasty measure.

Further details of the campaign to change the goverment decision on this matter can be found at the web site Our Solar Future where individuals may sign a petition on the matter.