Fabian visits Stop Hate UK

Fabian visits STOP HATE UK headquarters in Leeds

Fabian was delighted to be invited to the STOP HATE offices in Headingley on Thursday 2nd of October 2015 and meet the Chief Executive Rose Simkins.

STOP HATE is a charity that seeks to offer 24hr telephone help line support to anyone who feels threatened by the circumstances in which they live and work. It was set up originally in 1995 the aftermath of the murder of Stephen Lawrence. In particular it seeks to give advice and guidance to people who are victims of hate crime provoked by disability, gender identity, race / colour / ethnicity, heritage or sexual orientation. Fabian learned how such prejudice can result in name calling, verbal abuse, bullying, intimidation, harrassment, personal attacks, graffiti, damage and, in extreme circumstances, even murder. Funded by local authorities in the areas it serves, STOP HATE is able to offer a vital lifeline to victims who may have nowhere else to turn. Issues raised are referred to the police if the victim agrees but STOP HATES always offers the help and support that can  make a difference.

The STOP HATE Banner showing the history and scope of the charity's work

In discussing the work of the charity with Rose Simkins, Fabian was surprised to learn how modest were the charges that local authorities are invited to pay in order for this service to be available in their areas. However this means of funding does impose a workload on the organisation which must approach a very large number of public bodies for the for the relatively small sum of money involved.

Fabian learned of some of the distressing cases where the non availability of support to hate crime victims had resulted in tragedy and he was relieved to understand that people in his constituency had this organisation to which they could turn should the need arise.

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