Fabian slams rise in University Tuition Fees

Leeds North East 10th December 2010

Writing following the much reduced government majority securing the rise in University tution fees, Fabian has issued a statement to those contacting him on the issue.

"The Government got its increase through using a Statutory Instrument under an existing Act of Parliament, it did not even think it was worth introducing new primary legislation. The vote was carried by 324 votes in favour to 301 against - a majority of just 23 and given that the coalition government has a majority of 83, this was not bad. Every single Labour MP voted against. However, a number of Liberal Democrats abstained, effectively voting in favour, since their abstentions meant that the government won the day when had they voted with their consciences, the measure would have been defeated. We need to emphasise that these outrageous increases in Tuition Fees for university students which were Tory Party policy were only made possible by a handful of Liberal Democrat MPs who all pledged to abolish Tuition Fees at the last general election, barely six months ago. Ten Tory MPs voted with Labour MPs tonight, including David Davis."