Taxi deregulation proposals

On Tuesday 10th July, Fabian met with a representative from the Leeds Taxi Drivers Association to discuss the Law Commission Review of Reform of the law of taxi and private hire services.

To read the Law Commission consultation document - click here

Proposals suggested include a liberalisation of taxi licensing abolishing the distinction between hansome cabs (that can be hailed in the street) and private hire vehicles that must be pre-booked. Also suggested is the ending of a restriction to operate in the area where a cab is licensed. Concerns have been expressed about possble dangers to such change including turf war competition ( as occurred in the first stages of bus deregulation) and lack of protection for passengers through lower standards of driving and with less monitoring of driver conduct and behaviour. Price controls on taxi fares would also go.

Trade unions are arguing that the proposals would destroy the taxi trade as we now know it and increase the risks to the travelling public. Fabian met Paul Landow on the 10th July in response to the request from drivers to hear their point of view. To see the case being put forward by the union Unite - click here

Consultation on these propoals is open until 10th August 2012