Tesco gifts for local schools presented by Fabian

On Friday 30th September, Fabian was delighted to be invited by Paul Fallon store manager and Amy Hawley Community Champion at Tesco In Roundhay Road to present boxes of educational equipment to local schools. The gifts have been generated by the voucher scheme which involves parents and friends collecting coupons each time a purchase is made.

Tesco has a long experience in donating school equipment which started originally in the Computers for Schools Campaign about 15 years ago. These days a much broader range of school and sports equipment is offered.

Four local schools each receive a large box of educational goodies from the Tesco scheme

Fabian is joined by school pupls together with Paul Fallon Store Manger and Amy Hawley Community Champion

Jonah Smith and Etta Mukasa from Geldhow Primary School

Jakey Breen and Tasneem Elmasslita from Kerr Mackie Primary School

Lauren McGain and Micheal Huggins from Rounday St John's Primary School

Thomas Babireaki and Mathew Robinson from Talbot Primary School

For full details of the Tesco scheme which is open to all schools - Click here