Fabian attends service and wreath laying for Tibet

On the 10th March 1959 a revolt erupted on Lhasa, the capital of Tibet against control of the Chinese Communist Party which had established effective control of the country since 1951. The revolt was put down by the Chinese and led to the exile of the Dalai Lama and many nationals to live in India at Dharamasal where the Tibetan government-in-exile is now based.

In order to keep alive the hopes and aspirations of the Tibetan people to live in independence and to commemorate the lives lost in the uprising, a wreath laying ceremony is held outside Westminster Abbey each year on March 10th, the anniversary of the Tibetan Uprising.

Fabian has an established interest and sympathy with Tibet. He visited Lhasa, the capital, when he was a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and has met the Dalai Lama. It was especially important for him to attend the ceremony at Westminster. He now chairs the All-Party Group for Tibet.

The plaque of remembrance at Westmnster

Also attending the wreath laying ceremony were Simon Hughes MP (Bermondsey), Martin Horwood MP (Cheltenham) and Lord David Steele. The wreath laying was follwed by an Anglican service which included some Bhuddist prayers.

Fabian said afetrwards, "Tibet is in effect occupied by a foreign power, China, but has a long history of independence and its people have a very different culture to that of the Chinese. In remembering Tibet, we are supporting the goal of self-determination for all oppressed peoples and respect for culture and religious freedom. China is dismantling the culture and religious heritage of Tibet and has demonised the Dalai Lama who has always said that he only wants China and Tibet to peacefully co-exist together. "
Fabian with his wife, Rosy and son Lawrence meeting His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharmsala, India, October 2007.

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