Towards a New Magna Carta?

A New Magna Carta?

On Thursday 17th July 2014, Fabian spoke in the House of Commons on behalf of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Political and Constitutional Reform. Fabian has been a member of this committee during the lifetime of the present parliament. On the 10th July 2014, the committee published a major report surrounding the UK constitution which has been talked of as, 'A new Magna Carta'. Details of the report and the ensuing consultation are being given to the House of Commons and Fabian is standing in for the committee chair Graham Allen, Labour MP for Nottingham North.

The publication of this report coincides with the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta which established in a written code, the divisions of powers and responsibilities which have shaped government in England and the UK over the centuries. Other democracies in the world have written constitutions, perhaps the most well known one being that of the United States of America. All legislation in the USA has to conform to this constitution and many contentious issues are resolved by reference to it. For example the right of ordinary people to carry guns in the USA derives from the constitution and is vigorously defended by the gun lobby. In the UK we have no such code and such issues as the balance of power between central and local government, the power of the Prime MInister (eg. to declare war) and the rôle of the monarch have been evolved over time and established as tradition.

In his presentation Fabian outlined options for reform (including making no change to current practice) and explain the consultation that will follow thus enabling all people and organisations concerned about change to make their views known.

To see and hear Fabian's presentation, fast forward the following video to 13:06 hrs.

To read the full text of Fabian's presentation and the questions he received - Click here


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